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CGT Designs

I specialize in creating custom, hand-painted works of art on luxury goods and furniture. Nothing inspires me more than taking a work of art and bringing it to life with personality, making a custom piece truly and uniquely yours. I hand-paint bags, clothing, furniture, and much more, from my studio in the Philippines.



Hermes Herbag Custom Hand-Painted, featuring Audrey Hepburn and Pup

Welcome to CGT Designs.

My name is Christine Go-Tan. I’m the founder and owner of CGT Designs, an art studio specializing in creating custom, hand-painted items. I’m passionate about bringing every-day objects to life, transforming the blank canvas of possibility into a testament of personality and creativity. That’s why I choose to practice my art on bags, shoes, suitcases, wallets, clothing, and furniture. I want to do something unique and to bring joy into people’s lives with my art and how better to do that than to decorate the items you live in and use every day. 

Taking commissions allows me to balance both of those goals, bringing pop art, custom designs, and hand painted works together to give new objects a personal touch, bring new life to family treasures, and create something beautiful. 

– Christine Go-Tan


I take commissions for hand-painted artwork on bags, shoes, clothing, and many other fabric and leather-based items including furniture. If you’re ready to commission your next personal treasure, contact me with details to discuss timing, price, and options.


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